Recipes from Julia & Julia

Good morning. Our Julia Moskin is back after hard duty in France, where she spent a few days living in Julia Child’s old house in Provence, shopping in the same stores Child frequented and cooking in her kitchen. She wrote up the experience for The Times today, a beautiful story that manages at once to illuminate Child’s history and to inspire us to cook more, and better.

Naturally, there are recipes. Julia made a pretty potato gratin layered with onions, tomatoes and a paste of garlic, anchovies and basil that we’d like to eat, um, tonight. She also made a recipe for beef daube, adapted from the cookbook author and former New York Times writer Patricia Wells, that swaps out two bottles of the traditional red wine for two bottles of white. See you on Friday!

And she made a recipe from Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” that she had never seen before: La Tentation de Bramafam, “a fluffy eggplant-walnut dip with a clear connection to dishes like baba ghanouj. … It is tasty, absurdly easy, and must have been somehow slipped past La Super-Française, as it contains raw ginger and hot sauce, two of the least-French ingredients imaginable.” (Julia’s writing is so delicious!)