Interview about my new book, THE FRENCH CHEF IN AMERICA: Julia Child’s Second Act

Here’s a link to an interview with iHeart Radio’s Melanie Young and David
Ransom, hosts of #TheConnectedTableLive @iheartradio, about my new book: THE FRENCH CHEF IN AMERICA: Julia Child’s Second Act.
The book is about Julia in the 1970s — a remarkable period, when Julia got away from “The French Chef” and started performing as “Julia Child,” re-Americanized herself, used recipes from around the world, wrote in the first person and told personal stories, and found her true voice — while in her sixties, when the world was in tumult. It was a period when she reached the height of her celebrity, brought TV cameras into the White House kitchen (twice), was spoofed by Dan Aykroyd on SNL, tangled with vegetarians and Nouvelle Cuisiners, and left PBS for “Good Morning America.” Yet, behind the scenes, Julia and her husband Paul faced some of their darkest hours. It’s an inspiring story about a period that most of us are only vaguely aware of, including some little-known stories and rarely-seen photos.
Knopf will publish THE FRENCH CHEF IN AMERICA on Oct 5, 2016, and it is available for preorder now. Bon appetit!