“Ripple” one of 10 Best books 2011 – FrontierPsych

Ripple-Effect-sq-lrThanks Frontier Psychiatrist!

Here’s what the FP has to say about The Ripple Effect:
Prud’homme condenses the complex science, politics, history, and economics of water into a brisk polemic for the lay reader. His hydrological quest brings him to mines and salmon spawning grounds in Alaska, river deltas in California, and a subterranean pipe 580 feet below Manhattan. The Ripple Effect shows how decreased water supply, increased population growth, crumbling infrastructure, and climate change have combined with human greed, folly, and wastefulness to lay the groundwork for a global crisis. Unless we radically rethink our relationship to water, he argues, we could face the “primal terror of nothing left to drink.”trans The 10 Best Nonfiction Books of 2011