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Constantly in the news and the subject of heated debate worldwide, fracking is one of the most promising — and controversial — methods of extracting natural gas and oil from deep underground.  Written for general readers, Hydrofracking clearly explains  what fracking is, where it is used and why, and the pros and cons to the technology. Without bias, Prud’homme gives readers the information to understand what will remain a timely issue for years to come.

The Ripple Effect:

The Fate of Fresh Water in the 21st Century

Every time we use water – even for something as mundane as washing our hands, spraying the lawn, or generating power for light – it sets off deep and wide hydrologic ripple effects, with consequences that most of us are unaware of.  Now we no longer have the luxury of ignorance. Reviews • Buy the book

My Life in France

by Julia Child with Alex Prud’Homme
On November 3, 1948, Julia and Paul Child arrived in Le Havre, France, aboard the SS America.  Julia — who thought of herself as “a six-foot-two-inch, thirty-six year-old, rather loud and unserious Californian” — had never been to Europe, didn’t speak much French, and was not a very good cook. As she peered through the fog at the twinkling lights of the harbor, she had no idea what she was looking at. “France was a misty abstraction for me, a land I had long imagined but had no real sense of.” Buy the book

The Cell Game

Sam Waksal’s Fast Money and False Promises – and the Fate of ImClone’s Cancer Drug
“Erbitux is going to be huge, one of the biggest drugs in the history of oncology — a drug that is going to alter the way cancer therapy is done from now on.”  So promised Sam Waksal, the famously charming CEO of ImClone, a small New York biotech firm with a checkered past.


Why the Government is Failing to Protect Us – and What We Must Do to Protect Ourselves
Consider these two scenarios: (1) Warned of an impending terrorist attack, Americans endure disruptive security measures or simply stay home and hide. By day’s end, it doesn’t matter: A plane carrying a dirty bomb has crashed in Los Angeles, killing tens of thousands of people; (2) After an alert, Americans face strict yet sensible and efficient security, before a suspect is arrested and an attack averted.

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