Kirkus Review of “The French Chef in America”

My latest book, The French Chef in America: Julia Child’s Second Act,” will be in stores Oct 5 (and can be preordered today). The early reviews are starting to roll in, and I hope Julia would be pleased. Here’s the first, from Kirkus Reviews:
“Along with a dollop of culinary arcana, Prud’homme folds some surprises into his soufflé, showing a woman of sometimes-contradictory culinary convictions: Child the passionate defender of French tradition who was a relentless agent of change in America and Child the (initial) adversary of nouvelle cuisine who eventually found classical French gastronomy too limiting. We also meet Child the driven, tireless worker, a pragmatist who put herself into the reader’s or viewer’s shoes; the committed teacher and steadfast friend; the kitchenware junkie; the incorruptible opponent of product plugs; the staunch defender of science who credulously championed flawed food studies; and the nonconformist with a traditionalist streak … Like Child and her recipes, Prud’homme focuses on theme and variation, eschewing a straight chronology for an affectionate but journalistically scrupulous backstage account of Child’s influential second act.”
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