From Dept of Dumb Ideas: build $11b pipeline to save CO River

Floating Ideas for Saving the Ever-Diminishing Colorado River

Did someone say pipeline?
December 13, 2012
Colorado River

A view of the Colorado River flowing through Marble Canyon in Arizona. (Staff/Getty Images)
As with many other resources that we used to take for granted back in the 20th century, water is becoming more scarce. That’s particularly true in the case of the Colorado River which seven states and roughly 25 million people depend upon for their daily water needs.
Building a pipeline to solve rising water demand is kind of like buying a bunch of typewriters and bicycles to increase newspaper circulation. It’s going to be slow and expensive, and it doesn’t really matter if it works because it’s not a long-term solution.
There are a number of ideas floating around to tackle the growing demand on the river, butThe New York Times referred to one of those proposals as “more extreme and contentious.”
The idea in question is said to be in a report that’s expected to be released by the Bureau of Reclamation that suggests building a 600-mile pipeline from the Missouri River to Denver. It’s a notion that reminds some people of the water projects of—you guessed it—the 20th century.
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